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Bronze SEO Package: Basic package for Search Engine Optimization of your existing WordPress website, up to 3 pages. Price includes registration of your site with Google and Bing search engines.

Please note: A one-page website is considered to be the same length as this, as there is usually as much content as 3 separate pages. Make sense?

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The Bronze SEO Package provides search engine optimization (SEO) services for one existing self-hosted WordPress website up to 3 pages. A ‘one page website’ is considered the same length as this, because there is usually as much content as 3 separate pages.

What it is:

>> Help your website rank higher in search results & get found by your target audience.
>> Get started with my basic Bronze SEO package on your initial SEO setup for up to 3 pages on your WordPress self-hosted website (that is to say, not hosted on WordPress).
>> Need assistance with writing or editing your content for better keywords? Check out Content Writing and Content Editing in my Shop.

What it is not:

>> This is not another promise to rank your website first in Google search results. It may happen, but usually not instantly.
>> Ongoing SEO services are not included in the Bronze Package. Choose a Monthly SEO subscription package to keep the momentum going!
>> Keep in mind there is no guarantee of how your site will rank after completion of this service. SEO isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.
>> Only (self-hosted) websites are treated here, rather than those hosted by WordPress. Free sites must be upgraded first.

How it works:

When you purchase your Bronze SEO Package, you will receive an email with an attachment containing my questionnaire for your SEO order. Please download and save it to your computer (note that this will not work on a mobile), complete & save it, then return the completed form to my email address, provided in the questionnaire.

Once your website’s initial SEO configuration is complete, you’ll receive a discussion of SEO strategies going forward. Remember, to be successful, SEO should be consistent and persistent, to stay in front of new developments in content and methods.

Any questions should be directed to me in a message using the Contact Form – I look forward to working with you!


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