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Creative content writing of 1 original page or post, including social media. SEO sold separately, but content is created with optimization in mind. Send me your intended keywords.


The purchase of this custom Single Page Content Writing entitles you to the creation of 1 original page of 700-1000 words. Sometimes you only need one blog post at a time, on an erratic schedule. Or you may want to add another page to your existing website. Add a new product with a killer description, optimized of course. Use it to set up a new Facebook business page. There are endless possibilities!

Your initial purchase entitles you to 2 rounds of ‘minor’ changes that don’t involve complete rewrites. Time frame is less than a week from the time I receive your completed questionnaire and you give me the go-ahead to get busy.

Why Me?

I have extensive experience in content creation. For over 20 years I covered Southeastern US motocross racing for Cycle News. Also I published my own regional motocross monthly paper, writing more in depth about local tracks that got left out of national coverage. For 13 years I was sole proprietor of a graphic design/PR firm that dealt mainly with advertising agencies in Upstate SC. Often I provided original content for ads, employee handbooks, campaigns and so on.

My background is varied. I come from a medical family, so medical and dental terms and usage are familiar. By formal education I am trained as a botanist. For 2 years I taught middle/upper school sciences, then maths. Most recently, I spent 16 years as sole proprietor of a landscaping company, certified to apply lawn & ornamental pesticides. I know enough about grass, bugs and weeds to make your eyes cross.

If you need more than one page of content writing, please contact me via my handy contact form. We can consult and come to an agreement best for both of us.

I’m looking forward to working for you!

Barbara Williams


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