Etsy Shop Initial Setup


Harness the power of your Etsy shop initial setup to serve as yet another search engine to find your business. Every day, millions of people use Etsy to look for beautiful, original, unique, designer, cute, hard to find things. In fact, in 2020 (latest statistics) 81 million searchers used the site! Let us help you get in on the action.


Help with your Etsy Shop Initial Setup!

Did you know that Etsy is becoming a powerful search engine like the Big G? Think about it! Every day millions of people search for hand crafted items that interest them, which is exactly what happens everywhere else. If you run a business, you know by now that simply having a website or a Pinterest account isn’t enough to drive traffic your way. If you have the creative gift, why not take advantage of another way to drive traffic to your website and get more sales?

And, like your website or other social media, SEO is just as important with your Etsy shop. Choosing the best keywords and placing them to advantage is my specialty!


This price covers initial setup of your Etsy shop, including:

+ Setting up an Etsy business account for you (using your email address and password).
+ Filling out your profile and account settings to use your Google account to log in.
+ Adding your logo to your Etsy banner heading.
+ Claiming your website or your Pinterest page.
+ Creating your first categories and populating them with a total of 20 products.

** We strongly recommend linking your Etsy account with the Tailwind app, for scheduling assistance and developing good marketing habits. That action is IN ADDITION to the cost here because there are a few hoops to jump through.

You’ll need to start your Tailwind account (it’s free for the basic). Then you should upgrade to the first paid level so I can link your accounts. I would do it all for you, but you’ll need to provide Tailwind with your payment info and we want to keep that confidential.


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