Etsy Shop Initial Setup



Currently my own Etsy shop (opened 2013) has been suspended for unknown reasons. Therefore, I will no longer be available to help with that platform. If you have an open order with me, please email me and I will refund your purchase price. Include your receipt number.



There is no free lunch. I know you guys think you can get established in your business via a cute little Etsy shop. Guess again.

IF YOU CARE TO GO THAT WAY, Etsy has plenty of suggestions on their site about what they want you to do about getting found. But don’t think that it takes the place of having your own website. I know several top-notch web designers who will work with you for that.

BEWARE! Social media was created with its only purpose to keep track of YOU. There are other, safer, more local (to you orĀ  your audience) ways to use my knowledge of SEO to your advantage.





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