Gold SEO Package


Gold SEO Package: Advanced package for Search Engine Optimization of your existing WordPress website, up to 8 pages. Please make sure your site is not a free version, as SEO for that is almost impossible. Thanks!


The Gold SEO Package provides search engine optimization (SEO) of your existing self hosted WordPress website, up to 8 pages.

What SEO is:

>> SEO helps your website rank higher in search results & get found by your target audience.
>> My advanced package gets you started on your initial SEO setup for your self-hosted WordPress website, up to 8 pages.
>> A report is provided after each order is completed to explain the steps that I took on your WordPress website’s SEO configuration & what is suggested for ongoing SEO in the future.

What it is not:

>> This is not another promise to rank your website first in search results. Anyone who could manipulate rankings in such a fashion probably owns Google, or uses ‘black hat’ methods.
>> This is not for ongoing SEO services. If your site requires an ongoing relationship with an SEO professional, I’m happy to discuss this with you. Contact me and let’s talk about it!
>> This is not a guarantee of how your site will rank after completion of this service. SEO isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.
>> This is not an advertising service. If you require advertising, I recommend that you seek out an advertising professional to consult for ad services. Shoot me an email and I can put you in touch with an expert.
>> This is not for sites (the free ones hosted by WordPress), only (self-hosted) websites. If you have a free site, please upgrade to allow SEO. Thanks.

How it works:

Upon successful order processing for your Gold SEO Package, you will be able to download my questionnaire for your SEO order, upon receipt of my email. Please save it to your computer (note that this will not work on a mobile), complete & save it, then return the completed form to my email address, provided in the questionnaire.

Once your website’s SEO configuration is complete, you will be provided with a digital report detailing exactly what was done on and for your website. Customers who establish an ongoing service with me will be provided with a monthly statement of services for posts/pages/products/etc.

Any questions should be directed to me in a message using the Contact Form – I look forward to working with you!


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