Monthly Content Editing


Subscription package entitles you to the editing of up to 5 content pages or blog posts of 700-1000 words, or product pages, or social media each month. Mix and match according to your needs.

You’ll receive your new content in the form of MS Word, with 2 rounds of ‘minor’ revisions — meaning that a revision doesn’t require a complete rewrite. Editing is separate from SEO and content creation, although some operations of both may be necessary. You’ll be advised if more of either is needed, before work proceeds.

Please note: As far as possible, I avoid using AI. It’s unreliable and reads like a fireworks warning label: ‘Lay on ground. Light fuse. Retire quickly.’




Monthly Content Editing

On an ongoing basis, I do monthly content editing, to provide a variety of services in collaboration with new bloggers, eCommerce site owners, service businesses and more. I can make the verb tenses, subjects and adjectives play nice. You can sit back and enjoy an organic smoothie while I get spelling, grammar and syntax on the same team!

Editing Is More Than Proofreading

  • I have extensive experience in creative writing, and meeting deadlines. Thank you to the teacher who turned me on to that, Seth Hills!
  • For over 20 years I covered motocross racing for a weekly publication with national and international scope. Proofing my own material and editing to improve it, week by week, means paying attention to details.
  • Saying more with fewer words, or elaborating to clarify, are skills learned from my association with Cycle News. Whether I was making a 50-rider entry sound like 650, or covering a three-day major event, my articles were limited to 500 words.
  • For 13 years I was sole proprietor of a graphic design/PR firm that dealt mainly with advertising agencies. Often I provided original content for ads, employee handbooks, marketing campaigns and more.

I’m a sentence diagramming champ.

  • In 9th grade our English teacher revealed to us the wonderful mysteries of sentence construction. It’s been a while, but I can still put words where they ought to go. Thank you, Miss Monroe!
  • Words mean things. Making sure the right words are spelled correctly is critical. And, it’s a requirement for successful completion of crossword puzzles.
  • Using words properly is not only crucial, it’s also extremely cool. When to use there, they’re and their, or how to use too, two and to, are just the basics of the arcane art of being a word nerd.

Should you need more than the minimum amount of content editing, please contact me via my handy contact form. We can consult and come to a mutual agreement.

I’m looking forward to working with you!

Barbara Williams


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