Monthly Content Management

$300.00 / month

Subscription package entitles you to the monthly content management of up to 8 content pages or blog posts of 500-700 words, plus management of newsletters and local listings, on a recurring basis. Mix and match products, newsletters, posts and pages according to your needs.

Price includes page creation and placement of content, including photos.

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Monthly Content Management

Congratulations! Your website is up and running smoothly! Now, I can help you keep it that way with monthly content management.

Realize that maintaining and increasing traffic (and the resulting clicks) depends on regular activity. Both on your website and on social media, adding and editing content — new or repurposed — shows that you’re serious about building your business. And that’s where I come in.

Put me to work on the day to day activities that would ordinarily take your time away from running your company. Tell me what you want on a page, provide the photos, and I’ll make it happen.

Why Me?

  • I have extensive experience in keeping things coordinated and meeting deadlines. Content management is a big part of what I do.
  • Building a page is a process, that also requires an eye for design.
  • Coordinate posts between your website and social media, even your Google My Business listing.
  • I know how to make it all work together to advance your brand — website + socials + local love.

Design principles don’t change. Methods do.

  • I’m always studying to stay up to speed on best practices. People who tell you that ‘once and done’ is good enough are blowing smoke. Need to switch some photos around? Here I am!
  • Words mean things. Making sure the right words are spelled correctly is critical. And, spelling counts in a successful search.
  • Proper word usage is not only crucial, it’s also extremely cool. Knowing when to use your or you’re, its or it’s or how to use reign and rein, are just the basics of the arcane art of being a word nerd.

So, thanks very much for your commitment. I’m looking forward to working with you!

Barbara Williams


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