Monthly SEO Package

$75.00 / month

Subscription package entitles you to search engine optimization (SEO) on up to 3 pages of 500-700 words each month (new pages of existing content, products, or blog posts).  Mix and match posts, products and pages if you like.

Your site’s SEO will be on page only. Coding will remain intact. Monthly SEO is separate from content creation or editing. However, once content is created or edited, it will need optimization like the rest of your pages. We can talk about that!

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 Monthly SEO

The very reason that you have a website means that you have something to say, or something to sell. And so do about a billion of your closest friends. How in the world do you get noticed in such a crowded room?

Monthly SEO is the key. This listing is for on page SEO; however, we also offer local business listings (Google My Business, Yelp), social media management, and blogging for hire. All of these activities work together to get you more attention.

On an ongoing basis, I provide a variety of services in collaboration with new bloggers, eCommerce site owners, service businesses and more. I can untangle the yarn ball of SEO. You can sit back and enjoy a chai tea while I collaborate with you to get your website the attention it deserves!

Why Me?

  • For 13 years I was sole proprietor of a graphic design/PR firm that dealt mainly with advertising agencies. Often I provided original content for ads, employee handbooks, marketing campaigns and so on.
  • Back in the day, monthly SEO originated from ‘marketing’. We determined our audience and played to them. The two disciplines have diverged, becoming separate but intertwined. Marketing gurus might dismiss SEO but they still need us. Oh, yes they do.

The song remains the same.

  • Content is king, queen and prime minister (for an explanation, read this blog post about that).
  • Effective SEO is more complex than the initial setup. One of the key factors in good ranking (aside from time) is regular addition of new content or reworking existing words.
  • From 16 years as sole proprietor of a successful, sustainable landscaping company, I know the value of advertising. Face it, everything we do is marketing of some sort.
  • If you have a brick and mortar business, you need to somehow get those warm bodies into your establishment so they can buy something. Local SEO (different from local listings, but similar) brings up your name on their phones so they can find you. But it’s an ongoing thing. Frequency and links are your friends!

Remember that SEO isn’t a magic wand to whisk you to the #1 spot on Google. Rather, it’s a process. And yes, even a lifestyle.

To find out more about ongoing SEO services, please contact me via my handy contact form. We can consult and come to an agreement best for both of us.

I’m looking forward to working with you!

Barbara Williams